Steady Profits Backing Small Numbers of Low Odds, Sure Fire Winning Favourites. 

New - Sure Fire Laying System:

   Betfair usually gives better odds. For example, 11:00 on Betfair  is often 7/1 at the bookmakers, meaning it's good to back but terrible to lay. That's why most laying systems don't work because the odds are worse than with a regular bookmaker and those odds are already stacked against you. That being the case, backing makes much more sense on Betfair and this is exactly what we do with Sure Fire Winners. Finding accurate form stats is very difficult and we've tried all the expensive form rating services and they all failed miserably to predict winners, despite their high monthly costs. We now use a service which costs just 5.00 a month and is accurate enough to guarantee profits. The system is extremely simply but effective and produces steady, long-term profits.

     Using the form stats in a particular way, we select races having a favourite with an extremely high chance of winning and back it to win or, if the odds exceed 2.00 we back it to place win. Because we are looking for Sure Fire Winners, there will not be many favourites that qualify and we average around two or three selections a day. It is possible to use the system with as little as 20 capital but 100 is a more realistic minimum and 1,000 will produce at least 200 a week profit on a regular basis. This is a sensible system backing at low odds and returning a small but steady profit, so it is not for those expecting crazy returns. You will find that is simply is not possible in any form of betting...

    We have run this system for a long time and now release it as a pdf booklet, including a 'how to' guide for the complete beginner. It's not our intention to make big profits from this, so it will be just 19.95 with a 7 day refund policy. Bear in mind that you will be required pay 5.00 a month for the third party ratings service.

 PayPal gives the download link ON SCREEN after payment 'Return to ' uk' 

Sure Fire Winners 19.95 7 day no question refund - contact me NOT PayPal.

PayPal gives the download link ON SCREEN after payment  'Return to uk'

Note that this system cannot be used by US citizens - you MUST be able to use the Betfair Exchange.


    Football betting is more certain than horses. This is my system I have used for a long time and now release to the public. Now subscription based after public free the trial period.

Probably the safest of the High Risk (HYIP) Investment Funds. Genuine and paying for over one year.

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